Monkton United Church and Atwood Pastoral Charge (Atwood, Donegal and Trowbridge United Churches) are located in the Municipality of North Perth. We are comprised of four existing churches, one each in the villages of Monkton and Atwood and one each in the hamlets of Donegal and Trowbridge. Monkton United Church and the Atwood Pastoral Charge have just finished a 6 month experiment called the “North Perth United Church Project”. We have decided to continue with the experiment and are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic full time Interim Minister who can help us achieve our vision of bringing the four congregations together as one worshipping community. This is a daring and exciting time in the life of our four churches. Each of our congregations are currently worshipping in their own church buildings but our goal is to one day worship all together in one building. The successful candidate will have the skills necessary to guide us through this transition as well as working with our current full time minister and part time lay worship leader through team ministry. This person must also possess strong pastoral care skills relating to members of all ages of our congregations to help make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Duties include:

Working in team ministry with our current full time minister and part time lay worship leader to deliver services to 4 churches on Sunday mornings. You would be responsible for leading service at 2 of the 4 churches every Sunday.

Be able to take over as the only full time minister and work with the lay worship leader to deliver services while the current minister is on sabbatical in the spring of 2013. 

Assist in the transition period of combining the uniqueness of the 4 congregations of Monkton, Atwood, Donegal and Trowbridge into 1 awesome congregation. 

Offer pastoral care to the members of our church communities. 

Be willing to assist with our pastoral charge youth groups. 

This position will begin ASAP and continue for up to 2 years.

Please forward resumes and/or questions to Susan Cox at 

Thank You, 
The North Perth United Church Project Search Committee

Huron-Perth Presbytery, London Conference, United Church of Canada