HURON-PERTH PRESBYTERY’S Pastoral Support Minister

Rev. Kevin Steeper


The focus of the Presbytery Pastoral Support Minister is the establishing and nurturing of strong, healthy pastoral relationships in Huron-Perth Presbytery. Such relationships play a key role in encouraging both ministry personnel and pastoral charges in their mission and ministry as servants of Jesus Christ.

The position involves 3 “T”’s - training, taking care and trouble shooting.

For this reason, the incumbent will have the right of communications with ministry personnel and pastoral charges.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. To train pastoral charge Ministry Personnel Committees and Joint Pastoral Relations Committees;
  2. To be a resource to pastoral charges and ministry personnel in times of crisis and conflict in the pastoral relationship;
  3. To become acquainted with ministry personnel to develop trusting, supportive relationships with them and their families and to refer them for counselling as necessary;
  4. To be a resource to the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee and to the Pastoral Care and Oversight Committee in the clarification and administration of the policy and procedures of the United Church of Canada.

The Pastoral Support Minister will be accountable to the Presbytery Executive through a support committee of the Chair of Pastoral Care and Oversight, the Chair of Pastoral Relations and two other members of the Presbytery chosen for their experience of the Presbytery and their understanding of staff positions. Recommendations for these two positions will be brought by the Nominating Committee to the Presbytery for approval. The chair of the Presbytery will automatically be an ex-officio member of this committee The committee will meet monthly.

Relationship with Conference Staff and Committees:
The Presbytery Minister of Pastoral Relations and Pastoral Care and Oversight will advise the Conference Personnel Minister of matters unfolding in Huron-Perth Presbytery at least once per month. The incumbent will not regularly attend the meetings of the London Conference Settlement Committee or the London Conference Pastoral Care and Oversight Committee. Attendance will be by special invitation only. Job Requirements seven years experience in personnel or related work conflict management training and experience ability to connect ministry personnel and life issues with faith issues familiarity with the ethos and polity of the United Church of Canada

Huron-Perth Presbytery, London Conference, United Church of Canada