Rev. Kathy Douglas
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kathy and I live in Blyth (Huron County) with my partner Gary Clark. We moved here from Winnipeg this July and I started as Huron-Perth Presbytery Youth Minister in August. Many may know me from my life in Mitchell, where I have lived for many years.

I have been visiting congregations on the phone and face-to-face in an attempt to hear about the presence of high-school aged youth in church and in the wider community. As would be expected there is lots of variety.  Youth offer leadership with Sunday School and special events like dinners, they participate in confirmation, youth groups and worship, and along with various other activities they find connection to congregational life. Many youth in our communities are busy with sports, school, jobs, volunteer work and FRIENDS. Sometimes there are several youth present in a congregation and sometimes there may be few. We know that issues of mental, physical and emotional health arise for everyone and youth too sometimes find life a challenge. We want to find ways of supporting them so that together we find relevant and meaningful ways for the church to help all of us care for ourselves, one another and the world (planet).
This presbytery is hoping that with the resources and the support of this position, I can help enhance the relationships youth have with church and faith.

My hope is that I can build on work, programs and events that are already happening in your congregation. I also offer resources and energy for dreams and ideas folks might have regarding youth work. Most importantly, I hope to enter relationships with as many people as possible in meaningful and life giving ways.

I need to hear from you. Share with me your celebrations and challenges in youth ministry. Speak your dreams and ideas for programming. Encourage youth to connect with me. My phone number is 523-4380 and my email address is here. I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kathy

Kathy has a facebook account...send her your email and she will invite you to join.

Kathy is available to come and meet youth, leadership, clergy, boards/councils, and congregations at your convenience.

Watch for upcoming events and programs.

Job Description

Huron-Perth Youth Minister

Job Description - revised October 2010


A Youth Minister will:

-give a clear message to the youth of the Presbytery that they are valued and an integral part of the church.

-facilitate and provide opportunities for youth that create a sense of belonging in their church community and/or the wider church.

-support the local pastoral charges by helping them develop a youth ministry or providing opportunity for their youth to be involved.

-develop relationship and networks with community agencies, community service clubs, local schools as is appropriate and possible.


· Develop and support ministry for and with high-school-aged youth.  As time allows, offer program and support for junior youth and young adults as well.  "Growing Youth Groups!" & "Supporting Life-Long Faith"

· Be a resource person to the ministry personnel, youth leaders and pastoral charges of Huron-Perth Presbytery

· Be an education consultant to the presbytery about youth culture 

Youth Ministry Newsletter Fall 2010

October 30 Update

Remember I am one of your church’s ministers. You have each helped to support this position and thus I have some accountability to your needs.

For the last couple months I have traveled about, visiting and being introduced to congregations and the youth and youth leaders there. If I have not made a connection with someone from your pastoral charge or you wish to invite me to attend an event or gathering, please, please, please call me. (519-523-4380)

It feels that within a couple of months, I have been able to find a fit with this new position. The following is a list of emerging themes that have been noted and some events that have been organized.

Take a moment and check them out. See if there is something you find interesting and let me know.

Thanks, Kathy

Emerging themes or event topics

Youth Leadership Support Events

Have had two and another one is planned for Exeter. Watch for more or these.

Confirmation Ideas

Confirmation support and resources. Confirmation retreats. Organize trips.

Youth Retreats for Grades 5-8 lead by high-school aged youth.

See web site for details

Youth Retreats for teens

Winter camping, Body retreats, Drumming Retreats

CanLead Forum

An event sponsored by London Conference for youth leaders. Looks amazing and I would like to encourage churches to send their youth leadership people. Folks could be encouraged to talk to me if they are interested.

Kathy Douglas

Check out the web site in the little window below or click here to open it in a new window.

CanLead Forum website

Huron-Perth Presbytery, London Conference, United Church of Canada