Division of Finance and Administration (F & A)

Finance & Admin Resources

Chairperson:  Brent Caslick  519 228-6702

The main function of F & A is to prepare the annual budget of the Presbytery . Based on the prepared budget, this Division then sets the Presbytery assessments for each resident member of the Pastoral Charges, to cover the expenses of Presbytery. This Division also receives requests during the year for grants or loans for various programs. These are given due consideration and reported to the Presbytery. 

The following Committees relate to F & A:


• MANSE COMMITTEE: John McFadzean  519 522-0984

• ARCHIVES COMMITTEE  Avaline Wandel 519 357-2168

The Visionary Fund was passed in June, 2007.

The Visionary Fund was established to support Worthy endeavours within the bounds of H-P Presbytery. This fund could provide Loans and/or grants for such things as:

                - renovating or building to ensure a Church presence

                - support youth ministry & camps

                - support congregations daring to do something new and

                - education & training of future personnel.

This fund will be administered by the Division of Finance & Administration and will be subject to Presbytery approval.

Huron-Perth Presbytery, London Conference, United Church of Canada